Industrial Hemp Grower Registration Form 2019

Hemp Grower Registration

The Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets through its industrial hemp program, authorized under 6 VSA, Chapter 34, accepts registrations from interested hemp growers. There are no residency requirements, minimum acreages, or limitations on the numbers of registrants. This is an annual registration; applications received and processed in previous years are not valid beyond the end of that calendar year. Growers must have a valid registration prior to sowing through harvest and drying.

Steps for Filing your Registration

• Before starting, please gather a map of each area(s) that depicts field boundaries of building area used in operation and the GPS coordinates. More than 1 file can be uploaded.

• Complete the online application.

• Print Remittance Letter provided at end of submission.

• Send the Remittance Letter and $25 fee to the Agency of Agriculture.